Humidor Spotlight: Avo Improvisation 2021

Humidor Spotlight: Avo Improvisation 2021

May 10th 2021

Avo’s Limited Edition cigars are regarded as some of the best releases from Davidoff’s master blenders. Each limited edition is unique in that very rare tobaccos that have previously remained untouched, resting and aging to perfection. Most of these tobaccos will be used for a single release and then are gone forever.

Avo’s most recent Limited Edition cigar is the Avo Improvisation 2021 Double Corona. This 7 1/2” x 50 Rg Double Corona was blended as a tribute to Avo Uvezian’s legacy as a musician, friend, and inspiration. As Davidoff says, An unplanned journey born from a desire to explore and connect. This generous format should allow for about an hour and fifteen minute smoke time.

This Medium Bodied Improvisation begins with a creamy note met with a cedar spice. This juxtaposition of flavor in this dark and oily Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper truly showcases the care in craft of blend that Davidoff and Avo cigars are known for. Each puff delivers an explosion of full flavor while retaining it’s smooth and thought-out tame nature. Walnut-like dryness emerges with a hint of ground coffee while the cedar note diminishes while leaving a subtle presence of baking spice. This cigar is warm and toasty, perfectly paired with espresso or a dry San Giovese to Cabernet Sauvignon.

Coming into the second third, notes of stonefruit emerge: Plums, Black Cherries, and Apricots. A tingling minty note shines through from an overall earthy profile. Construction wise, the Avo Improvisation 2021 burns slightly crooked and holds a dark marbled ash, about a half inch in length. Approaching the middle we notice more prominent earthy notes with leather, charred oak, and brine. The cedar spice has completely exited with a bright citrus and nutty canvas for the earth to stand out. The strength of the cigar has also improved, falling on the medium to fuller bodied scale. This cigar would be best enjoyed after a full meal.

The final third of this Limited Edition cigar turns up the heat. Cedar Spice returns along with a hot pepper like heat backed by leather, coffee, and earth. A creamy texture to the smoke becomes more apparent to contain this complex array of flavor. A perfect culmination of all flavors throughout the stages of this masterpiece of cigar. The finish leaves a nutty and woody aftertaste, reminiscent of a black coffee.

Only 2,500 boxes of 20 of these fine cigars were produced which will never be produced again. If you are a fan of fuller bodied Avo cigars, Liga Privada T52, or Oliva Serie V you will enjoy The Avo Improvisation 2021. Get yours while you can!